Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been Tagged !!

Korin Sutherland, over at Inkydoodle tagged me. While i've never participated in a tagging before , I knew I had to do this one. Korin is the sweetest person and she just opened her own awesome stamp store ! It's called Sweet n' Sassy Stamps, please check it out , she's got some great Cosmo Cricket papers out, and adding more goodies every day !!
Now on to 7 things about me ( I don't think there are 7 interesting things about me !?)
1. I live in the fartherest north point in the U.S. , Barrow Alaska, population around 5,000.
2. I grew up in Altoona Pennsylvania, I love the mountains the trees the woods....
3. So what am I doing in Alaska !? My husband and I are Baptist missionaries.
4. My husband and I met at a campground when I was 16, we exchanged addresses and carried on a long distance relationship between Alaska and Pennsylvania until we got married 5 years later !
5. My first job was the buffet girl at K.F.C. !
6. I am a big procrastinator ! except when it comes to stamping, i'll put other things on hold to stamp-bad bad girl !
7. My dream before I got married was to own my own daycare center, with all the kids I babysit I practicaly do-what was I thinking ???
Well there you have it, I don't know what i'll do if someone else tags me ??!! Hope you enjoy my first crack at a tin ornament !


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you played along!! We really must talk soon! I am about 3 and a half hours from Altoona and I am also a Baptist :). If you ever come back to PA we MUST get together!!! I'll email you soon.

Lizzy said...

Hi Laurie!

Another PA gal here, found your blog via Inkcicles. Church of the Brethren, though not Baptist. Love your card designs! Look forward to seeing more!