Thursday, December 20, 2007

I make these Eskimo girls to sell at the shops here to tourists and it's time to make another batch ! I'll be soo sick of her by the time it's over. I really should mass produce one favorite layout, but that would be too easy. Something in me just won't duplicate a card, some may be similar , but never the same.


Mary Duffek said...


I lovey this card and I have all the stuff to case these beautiful cards you make....but, I can't see to get the fur to lay down properly..UGH!! Could you please put a tutorial on your blog or e-mail me again your direction...I want to make them...just having a little trouble.
Blessings and Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Marlou said...

this is so so adorable Laurie!!! i really love these cute ones, you should sell these they would be a huge hit, many blessings Laurie xx

Anonymous said...

These cards are so cute! How much do they sell for? I'd love to buy one!!!

erin said...

hi there! found your blog via korin thru pencillines. your cards are so cute!

erin yamabe